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Suspect was last seen escaping from Kamchatka Institute for Mental Rehabilitation where he was undergoing treatment for Post Traumatic Dress Disorder and acute Dramatic Brain Injury. As a known fashion victim, suspect is to be considered armed and extremely fabulous. Do not attempt to approach. Report all sightings to the relevant Fashion Police precinct and initiate Class V containment procedures.

++End Transmission++
Adagio Dazzle is such an awkward name for a character imo, especially a villainous one.  Think about it, it's a real handful!  I can see they were trying to go for the whole glamor, glitter, and glitz theme with the names which is why I would have picked Razzle Dazzle as her name if I were in charge.  It's more catchy in my opinion, keeps the theme going, and doubles as a cute little reference to the Broadway musical Chicago in which the villain*, a corrupt lawyer, advocates using drama in the courtroom to distract the jury if the facts aren't on his side.  "Giving 'em the old razzle dazzle", if you will, which I think is a very villainous display of showmanship.  A great reference all around, in my mind.

*Insofar as anyone in Chicago can be called THE villain.  Everyone is pretty much a terrible human being except for the main character's husband.

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